BBQ Smoker York Catering

Our BBQ Smoker York catering service offers York caterers for your event, special occasion or Wedding who are trained Pitmasters of the Smoke Pit, masters in the art of great BBQ flavours! We can produce the most tender and succulent free range pulled pork shoulder, brisket and baby-back ribs that will make mouths water. If you’re looking for BBQ catering in the York area for business or a private event we are here to help and our caterers are versatile serving indoors or outside.

Smoke Pit Caterers York

BBQ Smoker York Catering, using our authentic American-built Smoker machine provide BBQ Pitmasters who can lock in those Smoke Pit flavours and ensure slow-cooked wholesome BBQ food. We prep the meat 24 hours before cooking and marinade in our home-made dips, rubs and sauces which are full of spices, herbs and fresh ingredients.

The BBQ Smoker will help make your Wedding catering or other event truly memorable. It is a real crowd pleaser (as is one of our Hog Roasts too!) and from our experience, we know that it always draws a crowd of curious and hungry onlookers! Your venue will come alive with aromas of great BBQ dishes, for more information on some of our menu options see the options below.

BBQ Smoke Pit Caterers York


The Chuck Wagon ‘Smokin Brisket’

Slow smoked beef brisket, in our sweet and sticky sauce

Tender babyback whole racks of ribs in our special rub

Corn and the cob

Caramelised onion sausages

Brioche bread buns


Deep south potato salad with peppers, onions, tomato with paprika
Homemade slaw
Fresh green bean salad
A selection of sauces

smoked bbq pulled pork shoulder

The Dallas BBQ ‘Smokin Barrel’

Sweet and juicy smoked bbq’d pulled pork shoulder

Dusted whole racks of babyback ribs

Jerk BBQ’d chicken breast

Brioche bread buns


Smoky bean salad
Asian homemade slaw
Potato and paprika salad with peppers and tomatoes

Beans and cabbage in garlic olive oil
A selection of sauces

smoked beef brisket bbq

The Smoke Pit ‘Pit Master Sandwich’

Smoked beef brisket in our homemade rub and bbq sauce

Smoked pulled pork shoulder

Home-made long boat free range pork sausages

Brioche bread buns


Mixed field greens
Tomato, cucumber and feta salad
Smoky potato salad
Homemade slaw
A selection of sauces

shredded beef brisket

The Smokin Texas ‘The Philly Steakwich’

Shredded beef brisket smoothed with cheese sauce

Texas ribs in our secret rib rub

BBQ’d chicken wings in our sweet and sticky sauce

Homemade Old spot pork sausage

Brioche bread buns


Potato salad
House salad
Homemade slaw
A selection of sauces

bbq babyback ribswet chicken wingscajun bbq shrimp

The New Orleans ‘Big Juicy’

Smoked BBQ’d pulled pork in our House Sauce

Mopped and sopped babyback ribs in our wet sauce

Wet chicken wings

Cajun shrimp

Brioche bread buns


Cajun rice salad
Homemade slaw
Caesar salad
Fresh bean salad
A selection of sauces

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