Hog Roasts York

Pig Roasts York are just that. Free range York pigs locally sourced and slow roasted for the best possibly juices and flavours. Our Hog Roasts are served anywhere in the York area or beyond and have won numerous awards. Pig Roasts are becoming a popular choice as well as or instead of a standard York Hog Roast option.

Hog Roast York


Pig Roasts York or York Hog Roast?

If you are thinking a York Pig Roast is surely the same as a York Hog Roast then we can understand your thinking, but there are a few subtle differences between a Hog Roast and a Pig Roast. For a start, our Pig Roasts offer a little more choice in terms of breed, size and catering options such as roasted Suckling pigs or stuffed pigs. We can cater your York Pig Roasts in many ways too such in a BBQ rack, in a smoke pit or on a spit roast! There are also choices in Pig Roast marinades, rubs and sauces – so why not try a York Pig Roast for your Wedding, special occasion, business event or birthday party? You’ll be surprised at just how versatile Pig Roasts are, and just how good they taste too.

pig roasts york

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For examples of our alternative York Hog Roast Catering options see our Hog Roast York menus.